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My dog has heartworms. What do I do and what can I expect?

Heartworms are carried by mosquitos. Since we see mosquitos year round here in Louisiana, it is important to provide our pets with year-round heartworm prevention. Heartworms live in the heart and the lungs. Some dogs with heartworms show no physical symptoms, while others may show coughing, inappetance, exercise intolerance, or lethargy. We follow the currently accepted heartworm treatment protocol as recommended by LSU Veterinary Hospital and the Maher Animal Hospital was founded in 1982. We are primarily a small animal hospital and boarding facility. We are a local, family-oriented hospital American Heartworm Society. Dogs are sent home on strict cage rest during the treatment, as uncontrolled exercise may lead to the movement and embolism of a dead heartworm. While treatment is safer today than it was several years ago, there is still some risk involved.